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Name: Seth Ruter

Comments: This testimonial is for Mark: I purchased my 07 Red Tahoe from him & talk about outstanding customer service, this guy drove to the airport, picked me up all on the same day his wife was in the labor in the hospital! That's how dedicated & kind Mark is to his customers!!!I drove the Tahoe all the back from FL to NM w/absolutely no issues and 6 months later still running super strong & get lots of compliments about how clean the truck is! Mark is an honest, self sacrificing up front guy who dedicates his time & efforts to his business & customers & makes sure you're satisfied. I was shocked at how clean the vehicle was when I picked it up, I thought I was extremely careful @ detailing my car, Mark's attention to detail on each vehicle is simply amazing! Mark goes above and beyond & his cars really do speak for themselves! I'd highly recommend anyone if they're thinking of buying a cop car to purchase one from him and no one else! Thank you very much Mark for the easy transaction & I definitely will look forward to doing business w/you again when the time comes, maybe a new Charger then! :) God bless you & your family.

Crown Vic


back in 2007 I bought a blue 2001 Ford Crown Vic from you at Cop Cars Online. I was purchasing the car because I owned a number of Dunkin Donuts here in central FL, and needed something that I wouldn’t mind putting 100k plus miles on. Well all I have to say is WOW…. I purchased the car with about 80k or so miles on it. I think I paid about $7800 for the car when I purchased it from you. Well I drove the car until last year when I was offered $5k for it. The car had just over 295K. So I put in that time almost 200k.


This car was the best car I’ve ever bought, whether new or used. For someone like myself who is on the go, and concerned about putting mileage on their car, they need to look at you and your staff at Cop cars Online. Just a great experience, all I did was the preventative maintenance, oil changes, and filter changes. I believe the only high dollar expense was the fuel censer which was about $250. Other than that I basically made money on this car. You have to love a car that pay’s you back.


Thanks for the great car, you truly live up to the hype. The time you and your staff take, to get it right, puts most new car dealers to shame. I’d recommend you and your company to anyone.


Thanks again


Peter Huber

Orlando, FL


Name: joe wright
 City: freedom
 State: ny
 Hey guys just wanted to let you know again how much i am enjoying my car ( the 2011 caprice ). I love all of the looks, and comments i get, most of all i love how it performs. Thanks again for everything. Joe

Explorer Interceptor

Hey Mark,

Thanks so much! The car rides perfectly. I got my sticker put on this morning so she's legal. Kalena and Patrick both commented on how nice of a guy you were and they had a great trip. Almost like a mini-vacation. When I get some mods done I'll send some pictures. Feel free to use me as a testimonial case. It was worth the wait.

Thanks again,