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1st most important.
Copcarsonline proudly wants to thank all of our great customers and support along with 100% feedback we get from all our sales. Copcarsonline has been in the business of remarketing only government Police vehicles for over 19 years now. With our new facility’s housing over 20 Police cars in stock at most times, and on site Police car museum with over 35 vintage Police cars on display, we feel we have created a unique source on how you buy your next Police car or truck.  Copcarsonline has taken the necessary time to established itself to be one of the best Police car dealers in the country, we guarantee you that we have the knowledge and skills to supply you with the best Police cars and trucks around far none, we guarantee you that are communication and time spent with each customer will make you feel like a part of the family.
Fly in and let us pick you up for free, we encourage this being we our a very friendly family business and want to make every effort to make your visit memorable. 
History of what we do:
Being in the business so long I have gained an advantage to knowing most of the fleet managers we buy our cars and trucks from. With this being said we have a better idea of what we are buying and can tell you if the car or truck was used for patrol or a supervisor unit, each vehicle that comes through our doors is sent to a ASE certified mechanic to have the car or truck you are buying get a complete and detailed inspection.
We even complete right down to making certain every car and truck has valve stem caps and all plastic snaps under the hood are reinstalled if missing. Any rips in the interior and missing or broken plastic is replaced, so you see there are many small details that you can do to make your self above the rest. Its taking the necessary time and effort to do this for the customer, please read on.   
We spend on a average of over $800.00 dollars per car and truck we refurbish to make certain we protect your investment and ours. We rely on our customers to sell our police cars and trucks by letting the quality speak for itself. Each vehicle is then brought back to our facilities and gets a complete detail from front to back even taking all the seats out to do a complete cleaning so the vehicle looks and smell like new. All rims come off the car and are steal wooled and painted with heat tempered paint, all the suspension and wheel wells are pressure cleaned and painted to accent all working parts.
Engine compartments what can I say. I have been asked over the years what do we do, well it is our secret and just to let you know its a day process to make the engines in these police vehicles to look like new again. All carpet is pulled out of the trunk to be cleaned along with making certain there is a jack and spare tire to complete the trunk. 
Any and all dents are fixed with a dentless repair company who comes out to inspect each one of our police vehicles. In this business these cars do get some dents and scratches, any major scratches are taken to our professional paint booth and spot painted to make certain we can sell you the best looking police car on the street. Our vehicles that come from State agencies that need a complete repaint cost up to $2000.00 dollars, all headlights and taillights along with the grill and marker lights are removed so you get a higher quality paint job with no tape lines or overspray, all jambs all back taped to make certain when your doors are open they still look original.    
After inspection and all the attention to detail the vehicle has been put back together and the finished product is about as good as it gets for a used patrol vehicle or any used vehicle for that matter. With this much time spent with each car and truck we do sometimes get attached, so when you drive your new Police vehicle off our lot just know we had allot of heart and memories of each vehicle we sell he at Copcarsonline.


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